Strategy Consulting, Competency Assessment and Employee Engagement Practices

Business strategies and transformation initiatives build VALUE, PROFITABILITY, and GROWTH and competency assessments are cardinal for recruitment and performance improvement of current employees, thus helps in CAPACITY building – making both mandatory.

BUSINESS STRATEGY solutions for building VALUE PROFITABILITY GROWTH, some of the solutions are as follows :

  •  Solutions for better Value and Growth path for existing oorganisations
  •  “Idea to Market” process consulting – ideal for those planning startups or planning to take a franchise
  •  Strategic alliance, Ecosystem, Platforms and Community development and management required for both startups as well as existing orgnisations
  •  Developing an Innovation-driven culture for existing oganisations
  •  Creating Personal Leadership Branding for CEO and leadership team
  •  Developing Corporate, Product / Service, marketing and Go-To-Market strategies including identification of uncontested markets for both startups as well as existing orgnisations
  •  Sales Coaching and designing Sales Playbooks for existing oganisations and more……
  • It all starts with the core beliefs or personal values and that’s one big thing which separates a leader from the rest. Our consulting practices are based on our core belief that no matter what effort is put in to improve sales, it may not improve without a correct alignment between Corporate, Product/Service/Pricing, Marketing and Go-To-Market strategy. Unless these strategies are well formulated, implemented and aligned, sales may continue to struggle.

That’s not the end of the story!

  • We also strongly believe that no matter how brilliant a strategy is, strategic plans may not achieve the desired outcome unless effectively implemented, which can only happen when employee productivity and engagements are not suffering. Hence, Competency and Employee Engagement assessments, as well as coaching, play a vital role towards successful strategy implementation.
  • The Ansoff Matrix developed in 1958 by Igor Ansoff was one of the first systematic approaches which companies could apply to determine business growth opportunities by mapping current and new offering against current and new markets. In 2013 an adaptive strategy called Transient Competitive Advantage was developed by Rita Gunther McGrath; between 1958 and 2013 various business strategy tools have been developed providing frameworks to executives and consultants to work on business challenges.  We are in a position to use these strategy tools for crafting out an effective strategy for your esteemed organisation.

ASSESSMENTS for Competency and Employee Engagement – We use of various assessment tools either during recruitment to find the right candidate or to find out whether the right person is in the right role, the status of employee engagement and then provide recommendations for PERFORMANCE improvement and CAPACITY building:


⭐For Individual Contributors:

 Creativity  Positive or Negative thinker  Listening skills  Burnout

⭐For Managers and Leaders:

 Approachable Decision-making skills  Influencing skills  Delegation skills  Emotional intelligence

⭐For Sales Teams

 Account Management  Channel management  Product and Service Sales

⭐ Coaching based on competency assessments

 Employee Engagement and many more ……….

 An effective strategy can have a profound positive impact on your esteemed organisation and can undoubtedly take you to the next level